Let's Get Personal

Meet the CEO. Taylor.

We are all unique and deserve to let our light shine bright. Social Media allows me to showcase who I am, what I believe in and stay connected to people, places and businesses I love. It’s about connections and I want to create deep, meaningful relationships with everyone I meet and show them the importance of doing the same.

Work With Us

I have never played by the rules and always walked a bit off the beaten path. I am multi-passionate and believe in making a difference.

I want everyone to tell their story and shout it from the rooftops.

 Taylor has everything and more. She is extremely hard working and efficient and has all the dream qualities you look for. 

Client Notes

Katie Manz, Sweep Balayage Bar

The Process

After our discovery call and the contract is signed, the day we officially begin greatly depends on your completion of the New Client Questionnaire. Once we have your answers we can begin developing your social media strategy. Within 5-10 business days after you’ve completed your questionnaire, we’ll deliver the initial strategies for all of your services (with the exception of content creation, these services will require additional time to complete— we will contact you with details about these separately). Once you’ve approved the initial strategy we can begin to build out your content calendars for the first 2 weeks of posting. This generally takes about 5-7 business days.

Please ensure you’ve provided us with all of the assets we’ve requested on the Getting Started Checklist in order for us to have everything we need to kick things off. 

Once you’ve approved the content for the first two weeks, we KICK THINGS OFF! This entire process takes place within 2 weeks of your completion of the New Client Questionnaire.

We know you’re ready to hand your social media over to someone YESTERDAY. We understand that time is of the essence, after all— we want you to get back to working on your business just as much as you do (it’s why we’re here!).